Four Winds Interactive

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The visual layer for your digital business

With 6,000+ clients and over 500,000 screens deployed, FWI’s software platform is driving Visual Communications to millions of people every day in airports, banks, corporate campuses, professional sports stadiums, hospitals, hotels, casinos, universities, manufacturing facilities and retail stores.

We began…

In the summer of 2005, FWI was born as the Interactive Media Station. This kiosk allowed users to intuitively browse and watch digital video content while making a product selection. While not revolutionary by today’s standards, we knew the possibilities for communicating on screens with digital media content had huge potential. We took this idea and began focusing on building software for the emerging Digital Signage market. We began helping other organizations across multiple industries streamline and optimize their communication efforts.


We are driving digital signage on over 500,000 screens worldwide, delivering real business value and impacting people every day. With one of the largest, most experienced in-house service and delivery teams in the industry, we have an unrelenting focus on making our customers successful. We have maintained a company culture that allows us to be nimble in a dynamic and rewarding environment.

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